Thrown Away

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Car ride? Did she say CAR RIDE?????? Yippe!!!!! Car rides are my favorite! I loooooooooooooe car rides!!! Where we going? Can I sit in the front? Max got to sit in front last time and I’ve been reeeeeeeeeally good! Haven’t chewed ANY of your good shoes alllllllll week!

I was over the moon with excitement!! Tail wagging, butt wiggling, slobbering all over! And she loves me! My human is the BEST! Then…

Wait… What? Hey where are you going?! But… but… I don’t understand…this is not the park.

But, I love you…

County Shelter, Cell Block DE:

Day 1 — Waiting for my human to come back. She must be lost. You know, her sense of direction of not that great. I’m SURE she will be back. We’re a team! She loves me.

Day 2 — I don’t understand. What did I do? Where’s my brother? I must have been bad.

Day 3 — She IS coming back, right?

Day 4 — I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, whatever I did, I’m sorry and if you just love me I promise I’ll never ever do it again!

Day 5 — No, I don’t want a treat. I don’t want to walk. I just want to go home.

Day 6 — It’s noisy here. The floor is cold. I don’t understand why I’m here. I miss my human.

Hi there, my name is Lucky. I know, seems ironic now… I had a human my whole life, as long as I can remember. She used to hold me and tell me how cute I was. We would go everywhere together. I even had a bed. Of course I never slept in it; she was much more comfortable. We would eat together; walk together, two peas in a pod I tell ya! A few months ago, she even got me a baby brother! Max was kind of annoying at first but I learned to love him because she did. I taught him everything I know! I wanted her to be proud of me. I didn’t even complain when she kicked me off the bed to cuddle with him. I KNOW she’ll love me forever! Or so I thought.

Word on the street is this “shelter” place is where the bad dogs go, but I swear I wasn’t bad! My cellmate says my human probably traded me in for a newer model. Huh? But I’m her best friend. Why would she… OHHHHH (sigh). Max. I’ve been replaced with Max. How could she? I comforted her when she was sad. I wore those awful outfits for her. I pretended to like that stupid guy for her. I played with her, protected her and loved her. I don’t understand.

And you wouldn’t believe the stories I hear in here. Ralphie? He was kicked by his human and when he tried to protect himself, he was dumped here. My friend, Abby? She’s had so many puppies and was treated so badly by what they call a “breeder,” she’s now depressed and doesn’t trust anybody. They say she’s not adoptable because of her saggy over-nursed belly. The worst part is that they took her puppies from her. She’ll never see them again. And my friend, Fighter? He was taught to attack other dogs. He didn’t want to do it, but he loved his human and wanted to please him. Now they say he’s aggressive and can’t be trusted. He used to be strong and agile. Now he sits in the back of his kennel just shaking and wondering why he is being punished for obeying orders. I’m starting to think it’s the humans that can’t be trusted.