It’s me, Donna

I’ve always wanted to be a part of something passionate and relatable to every voice who struggles to be heard. Writing has been an outlet for me in times of happiness as well as sorrow. The death of my father in 2008 prompted me to put pen to paper as a way to deal with my feelings. It was, in a word, therapy. It was a huge release of what felt like a stranglehold on my soul. In starting to write again, I was able to stop a deep depression and breathe life back into my inner child. In sharing myself, I hope to bring a little joy, a little tear, maybe even a little anger, but always SOME kind of reaction. I believe emotions should be expressed, not suppressed. I’ll admit sometimes I let them get the better of me, but not once do I regret being me. As I continue to search for my place in the Universe, I know one thing for sure. I was born to express myself!